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Our Services

CAZ BRAIN is a web solution provider based in Mumbai, India helping small & mid-sized business to keep their online presence. At CAZ BRAIN we set out to create apps, that works for your business. We provide you with a complete package of App solutions .

Basic App

The issue, however, is with creating a mobile app design strategy. You simply can’t create an app just because your competitor has one. Your competitor might have a different business objective and mobile strategy which are quite different from yours.
Developing a mobile strategy links back to the company strategy and has four stages:
i). Understand the business strategy
ii). Business mobile app strategy
iii). App strategy
iv). Product management strategy

M-commerce App

As stated above, mCommerce stores are online stores optimized for mobile shopping. That means having a user experience that works well for any mobile device. This involves integrating responsive design and mobile payment gateways into your digital storefront. Stores with these features come in two styles: mobile apps and websites. Since standalone apps still don’t push as many transactions as the browsable internet, we will focus on the latter.


Latest Technologies and Innovations Design

we create are not only user friendly app but we also strive to make it updated with latest technologies and innovations.


Free app Maintenance

Take control of your own app with our content management system.


Graphic Designing

Let graphics speak your motive. We have a dedicated team of graphic designers that form a creative quotient to your graphic needs be it banners, logos or visuals.

Low Cost App Design and Development

with Life Time Free Support

Complex UI components
Menus and Dialogs
Tabbed Activities
Navigation Drawer
Create activity layouts programmatically
Testing and optimizing UI

Storage Model selection criteria Shared preferences
Internal Storage – Files
External Storage – SD Card
Testing the created files, tools
SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database
Add to cart
Payment option

Integrating Google Maps
Multimedia in Android
Social Networking Integrations
Recording system
video conference